Revolutionary Lens Technology

The most advanced varifocal lens on the market, using dual surface Camber technology to achieve greater prescription accuracy. Utilising both sides of the lens with specific personalised measurements, ARC gives a wider field of vision, with improved adaptability.

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ARC Lens Dual Surface Camber Technology

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Revolutionary Technology

ARC lenses are at the forefront of eyewear innovation, bringing together the most sophisticated technology with state of the art Freeform lens design.

Tailored to your lifestyle

Whether you spend a lot of time at a pc or your hobbies involve small, detailed close- up work, ARC lenses will suit you perfectly.

Larger reading area

With the gradual change of prescription through the lens, the reading area is at a comfortable user level for the eye and is easy to find and use. The reading area is also wider in ARC lenses, giving readers more space for viewing.

Easy adaptability

In the past, varifocal wearers may have found it difficult to get used to the varying strengths on their glasses, ARC lens technology is easy to use, with a very low rate of non-tolerance.

Better clarity

The reading and distance area prescriptions are now more accurate than ever. This means vision is crystal clear through an ARC lens. The new technology gives a sharper, high definition image and clarity at a level never seen before.

Fully personalised

Multiple focal points on the lens each measured and tailored for your vision, giving you the best possible sight. 5 specific measurements are taken using our new Optikam measuring tool. These unique measurements mean that ARC lenses are truly tailored to you.

The experience

In a double-blind study, test wearers compared conventional single vision blanks with Camber blanks - the blanks used to make ARC lenses. Both sets were processed with the each the same digital progressive design.

100% of wearers had an improvement in finding reading area with Arc lenses
Wearers reported reading area easier to find with ARC Lenses
94% of wearers experienced Near vision improvement with Arc varifocals
Wearers reported near vision quality equal or better with ARC Lenses
83% of wearers said Adaptation was easier when switching to Arc varifocal lens technology
Wearers reported easier adaptation with ARC Lenses

What customers say

“I have nothing but positive things to say about the glasses. Best thing I’ve ever had. I wear my glasses all the time now. Brilliant!”

William Dalgarno, 59

“Product superior from the start, easier to adapt to and overall better vision”

Shirley Jones, 57

“Progression from distance to reading is virtually instant - brilliant!! Much less nodding dog syndrome! No downside at all.”

David Moir, 73

“I have found this to be better than my previous pair, this is maybe due to the depth of lens. Side vision is better, not having to turn head so much.”

Susan Hay, 52

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